Stories and Experiences

The Sanghāta promises to change those who hear or read it in many ways. Many of the changes the Buddha describes take place on a karmic level, and so are not immediately apparent. But many of the Sanghāta’s readers and reciters have undergone powerful transformative experiences already in this lifetime—some even during the very act of reading or reciting.

Among the experiences that have been reported thus far, are of two women who were cured of cancer after intensive recitations of the Sanghāta Sūtra and the ‘Vajra Claw’ mantra. Another is of a doctor who had a transformative vision, immediately after reciting the text once, that led him to give up eating meat, while an editor relates how she quit smoking under similar circumstances. Others have reported rapid results in terms of receiving wealth, including one who won the lottery after reciting the Sanghāta.

And wondering how to deal ethically with a rodent infestation? A homeowner in Australia found that her rodents disappearedafter a recitation of the sutra!

Finally, among the stories in our personal encounters section is a lovely account of Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s reaction to receiving a handwritten copy of this amazing and life-altering Sanghata Sutra.