Sanskrit editions

Two Sanskrit editions of the text are provided here: one in Devanagari script and the other in Roman script with the standard diacritic marks needed to read and pronounce the Sanskrit. Those who wish to use this Sanskrit text for reciting will either need to be able to read Devanagari script or at a minimum be familiar with the conventions for rendering Sanskrit into Roman script.

Although Devanagari is the script currently used to print Sanskrit texts across most of northern India, both scripts are quite adequate for representing the Sanskrit language.  In fact the Sanskrit manuscripts of the Sanghāta Sūtra found at Gilgit were not themselves written in Devanagari, but rather in a different script, called Gupta and post-Gupta Brahmi -- earlier forms of Indic writing, from which Devanagari eventually developed.

Download the Sanskrit edition of the Sanghāta Sūtra in: