Personal Encounters with the Sanghāta

Personal Encounters with the Sanghāta

Philip Ng Soon Heng sent in the following message, when reporting the 47 times he has recited the Sanghāta Sūtra in his home in Singapore.

I wish to report also that on one evening while I was reciting the sutra, three little moths came to listen to part of the sutra. They sat quietly on the wall next to me, and listened attentively to the loud recitation of the Sanghāta Sūtra, and then flew away after some time of listening to the recitation intensively. I am sure they will be reborn in the three upper realms. I was amazed at the way they sat so attentively listening to my loud recitation.

I intend to recite this Sanghāta Sūtra as long as there is breath within my body.

I know that many wonderful things will begin to happen in my life as I continue my recitation of this Noble Mahāyāna Sanghāta Sūtra Dharma Paryāya. I had already had a sickness cured. I received the oral transmission through my kind Guru Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche and I would like to thank him for all benefits accruing to me because of the recitation.

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